the Destination

Colorful Art Deco houses, colonial history, rum-smelling squares, tobacco and sugar plantations and, of course, gorgeous beaches – all this is about Cuba. After the  revolution in 1959, Cuba was almost closed off from the outside world, but in recent decades, this colorful country has made itself known on the world tourism stage, attracting travelers to explore its hidden treasures. Today, Cuba has a special atmosphere that combines Latin and Caribbean influences, the sensual world of art, music and gastronomy.

facts & figures

Capital: Havana

Population: 11,300,000

Language: Spanish

Currency: Cuban peso

Best places to visit: Havana, Varadero, Cayo Coco, Holguin.

Best time to visit: December – May.

What to do

Would you like to take a step into the past and admire the architecture of the colonial era, listen to jazz and get acquainted with the artistic culture of Cuba? Or visit the famous sugar plantations? Or maybe you want to visit colonial Havana, see the collections of local artists, or go to the mecca of the tobacco industry? There is always something to do in Cuba and anyone can easily combine cultural and beach activities here.

Interesting Traditions

Havana Film Festival

Havana Film Festival · December

The Cuban Film Festival focuses on the promotion of Latin American cinema and is considered the most important film festival in the entire Spanish-speaking world. Its full name is the Havana New Latin American Film Festival.
New Year and Cuban Liberation Day

New Year and Cuban Liberation Day · 31st - January 1st

New Year’s Eve in Cuba is celebrated on a grand scale, with music, dancing, dinners and fireworks. But the peculiarity lies in the fact that on the same day, January 1st, Cubans celebrate the liberation of Cuba. The largest celebration takes place in Havana, where huge concerts are organized.

Havana International Jazz Festival

Havana International Jazz Festival · February

It has been held since 1997 and helps music lovers to immerse themselves in the richness of Cuban life and culture. The power of Cuban music and the virtuosity of its instrumentalists are so amazing, and jazz is so deeply rooted in the island, that nothing else is desired to be happy.

Habanos Festival in Havana

Habanos Cigar Festival · February

Over the years the Habano Festival has continued to be an ideal venue and the largest international meeting place for tobacco lovers, who recognize Habano tobacco as the best tobacco in the world. The festival program includes traditional events: visits to the best tobacco plantations in Vuelta Abajo, Pinar del Rio, iconic Habano factories, a trade fair, seminars and tastings. The fair, organized in 1999 for the first time, has since been held on the last week of February every year.

Romería de Mayo

Romería de Mayo (May Fair) · May

Basically, the May Fair takes place in Holguin. During the fair, you can have fun, participate in various recreational activities, as well as purchase local products.


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