the Destination

The Czech Republic is a dreamland, which amazing architecture, interesting history and wide range of beers makes you want to return here again and again.

It is one of our favorite tourist destinations in the world, whether we want a luxurious vacation in Karlovy Vary or a romantic weekend in Prague.

facts & figures

Capital: Prague

Population: 10,600,000

Language: Czech

Currency: Krone

Best places to visit: Prague, Karlovy Vary.

Best time to visit: All year round.

What to do

Visiting beautiful castles, enjoying spectacular events, relaxing in fabulous spas, or engaging in active tourism – one life is not enough to discover all the secrets of the Czech Republic.

Interesting Traditions

Czech Republic witches

Feast of the Burning Witches · April, 30th

The Feast of the Burning Witches is one of the most interesting and magical folk festivals in the Czech Republic. It is celebrated on the night of April, 30th  and it is a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages.

Czech Republic

Love Festival · May, 1st

On this day, couples go to Prague’s Petřín Hill to kiss under the blossoming cherry trees to seal their love.


Prague Beer Festival · May

The popular Prague Beer Festival offers its participants thousands of liters of the golden drink in special liter mugs called «tuplák». This is a great reason to travel to Prague and taste over 70 top quality Czech beers, as well as traditional Czech snacks and pastries.


Opening of the spa season in Karlovy Vary · May

This May event combines two celebrations: The Spring Festival and the opening of the new spa season in Karlovy Vary. You will see spectacular events held in the city, such as a masquerade procession led by the founder of the city, King Charles IV, on horseback, as well as the consecration of mineral springs.


Prague Marathon · May

This is the most prestigious marathon in Central Europe – World Athletics Gold Label Road Races. The start and finish of the world’s top ten marathon take place on the Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí) in the historical center of Prague.


Karlovy Vary International Film Festival · July

Held in July at a luxurious thermal spa, it is one of the oldest film festivals in the world. The main award given at this festival is the Crystal Globe.


Christmas Holidays · December

At Christmas time Czech streets are flooded with lights and colors. The markets, which sell some of the typical Czech Christmas treats, are also brightly decorated. In markets, for example, you can buy «svaržak», that is a Gluhwein with spices, which is served with «trdelník», a traditional Czech pastry.


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