the Destination

Vietnam is a land of a mild comfortable climate all year round and a stunning scenery with mountains and beaches, dense jungles and emerald boundless rice fields. It is a land of ancient history and a fusion of cultures, which is obviously seen in everything from gastronomy to architecture and from the ancient monuments of Hanoi to the dramatic scenery of Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Impressive beaches along the coast, soaring mountains inland with dense foggy forests and wide river deltas – all these sites of Vietnam provide the perfect landscape for travelers hungry for experience and adventure.

facts & figures

Capital: Hanoi

Population: 99,270,000

Language: Vietnamese

Currency: Vietnamese dong

Best places to visit: Hanoi, Halong, Da Nang, Nha Trang.

Best time to visit: All year round.

What to do

Vietnam offers travelers a wide variety of activities and adventures. Here you can admire the ancient ruins of temples and majestic pagodas, relax at picturesque resorts, get the thrill of a helicopter or seaplane flight over the breathtaking Halong Bay. Or you can just relax here, admiring the green scenery of glistening rice fields spread across the country as a great patchwork quilt of all shades of green.

Interesting Traditions

Tet Nguyen Dan

Vietnamese New Year - Tet Nguyen Dan · January - February

Vietnamese New Year is a national holiday in Vietnam and the most important and popular holiday in the country. It is celebrated according to the Lunar calendar towards the end of January or the beginning of February; the whole celebration lasts for a week. Tet Nugen Dan heralds the arrival of spring. During the celebration cities are decorated with flowers and fruit trees to symbolize fertility and good fortune. Festive processions with dragon figures walk through the streets, and dance parades, games and various competitions are held all over the country. The Vietnamese place mandarin trees decorated with amulets and ornaments in front of the entrances to their homes.

Da Nang

Da Nang Fireworks Festival · April, May or June

Every year the world’s top pyrotechnic professionals gather on the banks of the Han River in Da Nang and paint the Vietnamese night sky with millions of multi-colored lights, competing in their skills. Each time a new theme is chosen for the event. The holiday includes music and dance events, theatrical performances and street fairs.

Nha Trang

Sea Festival in Nha Trang · May - June

This festival is held in late May or early June. During the festival street dances of “lions” and “dragons”, photo exhibitions, craft fairs, fishing competitions, cooking contests and playful kite fights take place in the country.


National Day of Vietnam · Sepetember, 2nd

On Independence Day memorable and festive events are held throughout Vietnam. On this day the Vietnamese lay flowers at monuments and memorials remembering and honoring those who gave their lives in the struggle for the country’s freedom. Demonstrations, rallies, meetings, folk festivals with performances of art groups and artists are held to celebrate this day. In the evening volleys of festive fireworks sound throughout the whole country.   

Tet Trung Thu

Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival - Tet Trung Thu · Sepetember - October

Moon Festival or Tet Trung Thu is celebrated on the 14-15th day of the eighth month of the Lunar calendar. On this day the Vietnamese celebrate the full moon, beat drums and enjoy moon cakes with various fillings, such as lotus, watermelon seeds, peanuts, duck yolks, raisins. There are parades of huge dancing figures of lions, unicorns and dragons.


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